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Brittny on a unique piece of furniture

Coined as ‘Accessible Luxury’ - Brittny’s projects imbue a sense of calm and fun that makes spaces livable and a delight to experience. Heralded as a restorer and architectural advocate for the beauty of ‘old’ as her design sensibility speaks to the bygone days of old Hollywood glam, 1930’s Spanish revival, Adobe and modern minimalist touches.



Her strength in visual ID is rooted in the sensibility of retaining the heritage of a home’s interior mixed with a fresh useful design sensibility.


Natural light is a constant thread that runs throughout her projects - how to maximize or create the illusion of it is a mainstay of her work.


Button's ability to revive, refresh and renew design elements that are pre-existing, or added, creates intentionality to the spaces she develops.


Brittny Button is the founder of Button Atelier, located in Los Angeles, CA, where she is an interior designer, a firm that was established in 2020. The aesthetic of Brittny's design ethos focuses on crafting calm, while retaining the integrity of the space. Working with these elements in parallel is why her projects feel so livable and magazine worthy. Her work has been featured in Homes & Gardens November 2023, Robb Report November 2023,  Architectural Digest May 2022, and Casa Vogue June 2022 which showcases her fondness for 1930's Spanish architecture as seen in this Palm Springs, CA estate. Her design strength is rooted in revivals, or the infusion of an homage to Adobe architectural simplicity or Old Hollywood Glam. These themes are consistently present and play back to her design pillars which are focused on classical elements being utilized throughout a home. For example, the incorporation of rounded arches, the addition of iron work and vintage furniture inclusion - imbuing these structures with a sense of romanticism which conveys a European vibe.

Launching in 2023, is her bespoke antique furniture line; consisting of pieces that are revived via reupholstering to cater to today's demands. Her ultimate aim is to give old pieces a ‘Second Life’. Her deep love for vintage began in her teens by acquiring furniture and clothing items. This 'collector' mentality has enabled her to develop the ‘what could be’ sensibility of potentially overlooked homes or items and repurpose them in unthinkable ways!

When she’s not designing she’s an involved primary parent to her son Hendrix, 4 and daughter Lenny, 2 and often travels with her husband Jenson Button, Formula 1 World Champion to his many global events.


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